Building and operating trusted digital marketplaces, popular news media portals and digital ventures in Indonesia.


Indonesian Market

Population: ~260 million.
Direct addressable market: ~75 million.
GDP growth: ~5%.
GDP per capita: ~4,000 US$.
Median age: ~30 years.
Internet users: ~175 million.
Social media users: ~150 million.

Business Highlights

✓ Cakap Digital Ventures is operating portals and ventures with local content in Bahasa, local partners, local domain names and local brands.

✓ Active player of online media and marketplaces providing portals and digital services to the Indonesian market.

✓ Portal 1: is an online news and popular culture media platform with over 15,000 articles and 20 million monthly readers.

✓ Portal 2: is a full service digital marketing agency helping clients to increase revenue by making smarter decisions how to promote your businesses online, in areas of Web and Mobile Development, Digital and Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content and Technology Development.

✓ Portal 3: is long term property rentals marketplace providing locals, expats and students to rent houses and apartments. Hidup is an ‘AirBNB of longer term accommodation’ and is also active in the sector of Proptech (Property Technology).

✓ This market dynamics and growth and the digital transformation underway offer exciting prospects for commercialisation.

✓ Offices in Makassar and Jakarta.

✓ First portal started 2018.

✓ Cakap Digital Ventures is open to co-investments and partnerships related to the property, media and automotive industry in Indonesia.