Building and operating online marketplaces in Bangladesh, providing international and local individuals and professionals to buy and sell automotive and premium property.


Bangladesh Market

Population: ~170 million.
Direct Addressable market: ~35 million people.
GDP growth: ~7%.
GDP per capita: ~1,800 US$.
Median age: ~28 years.
Internet users: ~70 million.
Social media users: ~36 million.

Business Highlights

✓ Tiger Digital Ventures [TDV] operates local portals and ventures with local domain names, local brands, local language (Bengali) and local partners.

✓ Portal 1: is Bangladesh’s leading dedicated automotive online marketplace.

✓ Portal 2: is TDV’s second automotive portal in the country. Recently acquired by GarirBazar.

✓ Portal 3: is an premium real-estate portal under build up. Already partnerships with property agents / developers and financial institutions established.

✓ TDV and its partners and team has solid track record and unique domain expertise to tap into the emerging Bangladesh market for marketplace portals, social media and online digital technology.

✓ Local team has extensive and high-level network in the Bangladesh market both in the automotive and property sector.

✓ Market dynamics is leading to growing demand for cars and property, consequently to growing use of online marketplaces to facilitate the transaction of cars, property and related services.

✓ 60% ECV ownership.

✓ Offices in Dhaka and Sydney.

✓ Started 2019.

✓ Tiger Digital Ventures is open to co-investments and local as well as regional partnerships related to the property and automotive industry.