Media Exposure.

Even though ECV Group has only been running for less than three years it has been recognised in many different media around the world.

ECV and its ventures has also been featured in conferences in Lisbon/Portugal, Barcelona/Spain, Sydney/Australia, London/UK, Singapore,  Kigali/Rwanda, Makassar/Indonesia, Phnom Penh/Cambodia, Miami/US, Bangkok/Thailand, Nairobi/Kenya, Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia, Kathmandu/Nepal…

Below is a selection of our ventures media exposure.


Emerging Classifieds Ventures fills void in early-stage emerging markets.  The group of angel investors from Australia and Europe owns and operates auto and property classifieds / marketplaces in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

AIM Group – April 2021

Used car marketplace DubiCars is teaming up with Emerging Classifieds Ventures (ECV) to provide UAE car dealers with a platform to export cars.

AIM Group – November 2020

Basobaas, Nepal’s Leading Property Marketplace, Launches its Mobile App. Basobass is one of the first online real estate marketplace classifieds in Nepal. It is basically a platform to connect real estate buyers and sellers. The company was founded in 2016 and has over 4000 active property listings including Houses, Land, Flat, Apartment, and Businesses.

TechLekh – August 2020

Garirbazar is backed by global internet company AsiaCar Group which has investments in over 19 Asian different countries including Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar to name a few. AsiaCar Group’s investment in Garirbazar and Motor-bazar is a testament to Bangladesh’s flourishing technology start-up sector.

Auto PortalWatch – February 2020, an Indonesia-based proptech product launched by Digital Marketplaces Asia Pty Ltd, has received more than AU$150,000 in seed funding.

Deal Street Asia – October 2019

Australian Emerging Classifieds Ventures has developed property portal in Mongolia  with ICT Group and strong local property partners.


Bloomberg TV Mongolia- July 2019

With now about 94 million internet users in Nigeria ….. Nigerians are more and more using online services to buy and sell goods. Social media users in Nigeria have grown by 26% since January 2018 , which shows that the country’s social media development keeps progressing fastly.

Today NG – May 2019

Australian start-up AsiaCarGroup has launched the first online marketplace for cars in Cambodia,

Asean Economic Community – May 2019

Emerging Classifieds Ventures and AsiaCarGroup are operating similar platforms for cars and real estate in other emerging markets around the world, and see the use of these platforms as a global trend.

Myanmar Times – March 2019

PNG online marketplace and job matching application receive global recognition.

Loop Tonga – January 2019

Our platform will enable SMEs to realise their full socio-economic and commercial potential. We want to support individuals and companies committed to harnessing the power of mobile technology to deliver impact in their local societies and economies, and to partner with our mobile operators on a path to scale” Runawery added.

January 2019 Comes As the First Startup in PNG to Partake in GSMA Program.

TechInPacific – January 2019

Emerging Classifieds Ventures-backed used auto vertical AfriCar entered the African market last year and has since spread its business model to 40 countries; despite it failing elsewhere.

AIM Group – October 2018

Whereas, in the case of Dubai, our main target audience in Dubai are the Nepalese working there. As we know, a significant portion of our population is working in that region, and their main purpose is to provide a stable life to their family.

Techlekh – October 2018

PacificAds Group shows an upward progression on its markets. This evolution settles the company’s clout in the Pacific area as first car classifieds websites.

TechInPacific – October 2018

500 Startups invests in Cambodia’s real estate portal….The startup has previously raised pre-seed funding from Australia-based emerging markets specialists Emerging Classifieds Ventures.

E27 – June 2018

Online Real Estate Platform raises seed funding from Emerging Classifieds Ventures., the largest real estate marketplace in Nepal.

ICT Frame – June 2018

Africar Group Expansion in Africa makes them establish bases in 10 more countries.

TechInAfrica – June 2018, the largest online real estate marketplace of a nation, just secured an undisclosed seed funding round from Emerging Classifieds Ventures.

Pravidhi Asia – June 2018

In addition to taking a cut from primary transactions, Peyriere says APG is working on a strategy to expand the business over the next few years. This also includes going after the secondary transaction.

Online Marketplaces – August 2017

…covering all together a market of more than 65 million people, these websites are significant for the developing nations and are the first of their type in those marketplaces.

Africa Business Communities – June 2017

Phom Penh and Siem Reap are “booming thanks to tourist arrivals.” This creates a fast-growing real estate market, which prompted him to create, a portal that helps real estate agencies, developers, and homeowners manage their property online, taking advantage of the rising demand.

TechInAsia – April 2017

Africar Group Becomes the Best Car Classifieds Marketplace in Africa. 

TechInAfrica – June 2017

Africar Group and African Property Group: The first real estate and car classifieds mobile applications in Africa.

PRNewswire – June 2017

African Property Group launch websites in eight African countries.

TechInAfrica – March 2017