Online property portal network helping local and international individuals and professionals buy, sell and rent properties across Asia.


Asian Property Group’s Current Markets

Population: ~650 million.
Direct addressable market: ~175 million.
Average GDP growth: ~6%.
Average GDP per capita: ~3,400 US$.
Median age: ~26 years.
Internet users: ~ 350 million.
Social media users: ~250 million.

Business Highlights

✓ 10 portals in 9 countries.

Nepal, Philippines, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia x 2, Papua New Guinea and countries in South Pacific.

✓ Local domain names, brands, content, currencies & local partners.

✓ Dedicated local teams. (tech, marketing & sales).

✓ Entered the transaction process.

✓ Bringing more online services to Asian users and helping local agency businesses achieve better results with digital.

✓ Increasing levels of internet connectivity, smartphone usage and social media penetration in the Asian region.

✓ Over 30+ online assets of both portals & social media platforms creates an extensive national and regional Asian ecosystem with substantial reach.

✓ HQ’s in Sydney with offices in Dhaka / Bangladesh, Kathmandu / Nepal and Phnom Penh / Cambodia.

✓ Ownership varies from 20-100% for the different portals.

✓ Control and ownership of IP, technology and assets.

✓ Started 2017.

✓ Open to partnerships with local or regional players in the property industry and adjacent services.