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TechinPacific.com’s Market


Population: ~15 million.
Direct addressable market: ~3 million.
Average GDP growth: ~3%.
Average GDP per capita: ~3,000 US$.
Median age: 24 years.
Internet users: ~ 4 millions.
Social media users: ~1.5 million.

Business Highlights

✓ Covering 5 countries across South Pacific.

✓ 500+ articles on a wide range of topics such as startup companies, entrepreneur stories, tech trends, upskilling, investments / M&A’s, digital marketing, financing and more.

✓ Techinpacific.com is a recognised and a strong brand name.

✓ Increasing interest for digital transformation, startups and tech news across the Pacific Islands.

✓ Increasing levels of internet connectivity, smartphone usage and social media penetration offers interesting opportunities for online news delivery.

✓ Started 2019.

✓ Journalists in PNG and Australia.

✓ Open for partnerships in local and regional media industry.